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November 24, 2021

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On December 2, Professors Kerry Rowe (Queen’s University, Canada) and Craig Benson (University of Virginia) will lead a live, online discussion with short presentations and significant Q&A and audience contribution. The topic: PFAS. What are these molecules? Where do they come from? Why are they such a big deal now? Benson and Rowe will provide three short presentations around four primary questions, with brief Q&A periods in between. The conversation will illuminate the role of geosynthetics in this challenging and ever-more-important area of engineering.

How readily will PFAS diffuse through GCLs?

How readily will PFAS diffuse through geomembranes?

What is the potential for PFAS impacting groundwater when contained in MSW landfills?

How will PFAS affect longevity of geomembranes?

Join IGS North America and two of the field’s most revered practitioners on December 2 for this free session.

Sponsored by Geosyntec.

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