The North American Chapter of the
International Geosynthetics Society
September 14, 2021

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The mining and coal combustion residuals (CCR) industries share many common elements including challenging geotechnical issues related to unstable residuals, geosynthetically lined containments and impoundments and site reclamation / restoration requirements. Both industries manage sites that measure in the hundreds of acres. Despite these similarities, there seems to be very little technology and information sharing between Owners, Operators and Practitioners.

This webinar will feature a panel of industry leaders to explore the current state of practice related to the use of geosynthetics in each market; establish similarities and differences between them and look for technologies and practices that may be common to one market, but unused in another.

The goal is to create a forum and a dialog to share ideas and understanding between the mining and CCR areas of practice to the benefit of both.

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